IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisors (TADS) Course (E-Learning)

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This intensive 30 hour course covers diving physics, diving physiology, leadership, Diving Knowledge  and legislation. The path to supervisor is covered in IMCA D013 Diving Supervisor and LST Certificate

Pre-Requisites For Course: 
  • Hold an IMCA recognised Surface Supplied Diving Qualification (IMCA-Briefing Note)
  • Logged 100 Offshore Commercial Dives
  • We offer a fast-track approach for guys with renewing their TADS or combining with the TBDS Course. E-mail for information (
What Does The E-Course Include?

E-Learning is IMCA’s preferred training method during the COVID19 Pandemic & TRAUMA Training e-learning courses are fully approved (IMCA-COVID Note).

  • This intensive 30 hour course covers diving physics, diving physiology, leadership and control, legislation and the duties of the air diving supervisor (In U.K. & International sector). Because of the effects COVID-19, IMCA have permitted the use of an E-Learning approach with this program.
  • From the point of booking, the student has access to a comprehensive pre-recorded lesson package. The lessons have helpful quizzes which guides you through the Physics, Anatomy, Legislation & procedures.
  • The course will run from Monday to Friday and will consist of daily hour long ZOOM lectures hosted by a highly experienced Offshore Supervisor.
  • You will receive daily confirmation exams, which cover all the aspects of TADS program, the exams auto mark with instant feedback.
  • We will support you throughout the program & are able to identify areas of weakness to increase student specific support.
  • The Friday will consist of the final exam, this is conducted on the e-learning platform & monitored via zoom. The subjects include; Physics, Physiology, Diving Knowledge & Legislation. You have 3hrs (you get an extra hr if English is your 2nd language).
  • With the new program, the student can elect to plough through the course at their own speed… over weeks (from the point of booking) or intensively over the course of the week.

Enrolment on the TADS Course Comes With:

  • Free enrolment onto our IMCA ADS Prep course. This will give you continued access to our extensive e-learning database and greatly increase your success in the eventual IMCA ADS exam.
The Path to Air Supervisor: 

To be appointed as a, ADS  (Air Diving Supervisor you must);

  • Completes 200 hands-on hours working as Trainee Air Diving Supervisor on at least 100 surface dives.
  • Demonstrates competence as an offshore air diver and completes 200 offshore commercial air dives.
  • Passes the IMCA Module I examination.
  • NOTE: Application to sit for the IMCA examination must be made within 3 years of successful completion of the training course and at least half the required panel hours logged within the 2 years prior to the application.

IMCA Policy on ADS EXAM Failure & Resits: IMCA-InformationNote-1438

5 reviews for IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisors (TADS) Course (E-Learning)

  1. John McFarlane (verified owner)

    Well presented course through e-learning. Plenty of knowledgeable videos and zoom sessions.

  2. SteveO (verified owner)

    Trauma Training provide a great course. Having taken the DMTR course with Ian several times over the years, it’s great to see the no nonsense approach to teaching transfers so well to the TADS course. The online learning makes this course very convenient. Being able to access the lessons from the minute you book means you can chip away at it over several weeks. Ian’s vast experience in the areas of advance trauma life support makes for some interesting tutorials and Normans daily zoom meetings talking through real life scenarios are a valuable insight to any would be supervisors. Can’t recommend the Trauma Training team enough, appreciate all your help and guidance, guys.

  3. Shawn Van Straaten (verified owner)

    Thank you will definitely recommend this course to anyone. Well put together and loads of information.

  4. Feron Henri (verified owner)

    This was a very interrested and pleasant course to take.
    Great videos. This course was very flexible allowing me to progress at my own pace and Ian was always available and helpful!
    Will for sure take more courses in the future, strongly recomment Trauma Training (and Ian) to anyone.
    Many thanks!

  5. Quintin Snell (verified owner)

    The videos are informative, the links to the various books needed are good. Trauma training made my finishing the TADS a breeze.

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