O₂ and AED Providers Course

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The O₂ and AED Providers Course course is designed as a rapid way to gain these vital first aid skills.

The course is 6 hours blended learning.

From the point of booking you will be enrolled on a 3 hour theoretical e-learning package. This is completed before your course attendance.

The actual course will be a 3 hour practical / scenario based program the that will reinforce all of the theoretical knowledge.

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Combined Oxygen Administration and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Providers course.

The e-learning package has been designed to aid your theoretical First Aid knowledge. The Modules underpin the practical skills that are vital to become an effective first aider.

The e-learning package has been designed as a safe way to attain the theoretical knowledge during the pandemic event.

All elements of the E-Learning must be completed before you attend the practical course.

The course manual will be repeatedly referenced throughout the program. You will be given hard copies of these on the course. Quick pdf links will be provided throughout the e-learning lessons.

The O₂ and AED Providers Certificate is valid for three years.


First Aid

  • Basic Life Support (ERC & UKRC 2021 guidelines)
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED) (ERC & UKRC 2021 guidelines)
  • Adult Choking.

Oxygen / Breathing Gas Provision

  • Airway Support, Suctioning, Oxygenetion & Ventilation
  • Gas Handling (HSE / IMCA Guidelines)
  • Gas Toxicity

Where Is The Course Held:

The training centre is based in Benalmadena, Spain. We are only 15 minutes from Malaga international Airport. We have a fabulous location in Puerta Marina; minutes from the beach, vibrant bars , restaurants and we are surrounded by hotels and AirBnB options. 

Students must bear in mind that the E-Learning element MUST be completed before course commencement. Class sizes are reduced due to social distancing, courses book up really fast.

CitizenAID App
The CitizenAID app has been extensively updated. If you have not got this app please download.
It is 100% FREE (no adverts or ‘upgrades’).
It was developed by Brig Tim Hodgett (RAMC).
Its a must for any First Responder / Medic: www.citizenaid.org/ourapp


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