IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) Course 100% E-Learning

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This is an International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) approved certification that is recognised internationally by the commercial diving industry.

With the current pandemic the structure of the course has been heavily overhauled.

The 60 hour course is now 100% online.  All the e-learning elements consists of pre-recorded lessons / videos, interactive quizzes, extensive resources, direct video conferencing / support.

This is IMCA’s preferred training method & TRAUMA Training e-learning courses are fully approved (IMCA-COVID Note)

The student has access to the training platform & pdf manual / legislation downloads from the point of booking & can chip away at it in leisurely fashion. It is designed to have a low digital weight so may be viewed easily with the poor offshore internet. The aim of TRAUMA Training is to fully prepare a student to pass the ALST exam and prepare you for the LST examination process.

For social distancing reasons 100% of the course is E-Learning.


The 12.5% securing deposit is transferable to other course dates if needed and is 100% refundable if you cancel your course at least 10 days before course date commencement.
Outstanding balance can be paid during course or by PayPal link anytime before.

NEWS: Trauma Training have developed a new block booking policy. When four candidates book, one candidate attends for FREE.


What Is An A.L.S.T.?:

The E-Learning Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) course is an International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) approved certification that is recognised internationally by the commercial diving industry and a prerequisite to working as an Assistant Life Support Technician. 

What Does The Course Include?

Life Support Technicians are responsible for maintaining safe conditions for divers living within hyperbaric saturation environments during deep diving operations worldwide. 

They perform a vital link in maintaining the daily living of the divers in the habitat and in the management / avoidance of emergencies.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed as a basic course for new entrants to the IMCA Life Support Technician (LST) scheme. 

Training to become an LST begins with the IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician qualification.

After gaining sufficient experience / panel hours as an ALST, you will sit the LST exam, after which you can progress to Life Support Supervisor.

What Is An A.L.S.T.?:

An A.L.S.T. is part of a team responsible for maintaining life support for divers living within hyperbaric saturation environments during offshore diving operations worldwide on fixed platforms and Dive Support Vessels.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed for new entrants to the IMCA Life Support Technician (LST) scheme.

Training to become an LST begins with the IMCA ALST qualification. After gaining sufficient experience / panel hours, you will sit the LST exam, after which you can progress to Life Support Supervisor.

Course Content:

The course provides a comprehensive theory and practical element provided by experienced Diving and Life Support Personnel provide professional tuition on the following topics:

  • Diving Physics
  • Legislation
  • Plant & Equipment
    • Gas Handling
    • Life Support Systems
    • System Monitoring
    • Diving Systems
  • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Thermal Balance
    • Hygiene
    • Gas Toxicity
  • Emergencies
    • Medical Emergencies
    • Emergency Evacuation / decompression
Course Structure:

– 30 Pre-Course Contact Hours, the student MUST complete the e-learning package before progressing to Module 2.

-Module 2, Mon-Fri. 30 Contact Hours E-learning. Monday-Thursday consists of an enhanced pre-recorded lesson package. There is daily hour long ZOOM lectures (generally at 16:30 GMT) with consistent online support. There is daily confirmation quizzes that will test your knowledge of; Physics, Physiology, Procedures & Legislation.

Friday… EXAM day. You will sit the 3 hr zoom supervised exam at home. Results are instant.

What is included:

On booking you will be granted access to the e-learning platform, you can essentially start the course straight away. The e-learning platform contains Pre-recorded lessons that can be viewed as many times as you want & have handy quizzes to check knowledge. You will receive immediate access to the ALST Manual (300pages) and student Factsheet booklet in pdf format (hard copies of these are sent to your registered address). You will be given access to an extensive legislation database and a video library of informative Saturation environment documentaries.

Enrolment on the ALST Course Comes With:

  • Free enrolment onto our IMCA LST Exam Prep course. This will give you continued access to our extensive e-learning database and greatly increase your success in the eventual IMCA LST exam.
Who Should Attend:

Anyone can attend the course, irrespective of his or her background and qualifications. A basic understanding of mathematics is helpful.

  • We offer a fast-track approach for guys with offshore / closed bell experience. E-mail for information ([email protected]).


26 reviews for IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) Course 100% E-Learning

  1. jake phillips (verified owner)

    Ian is extremely passionate and a subject matter expert on all things Life Support Technician related. His teaching style is very easy follow and he is able to break down complex physics and procedures into very easy to follow lessons. I’ve learnt a lot and will surely be back when i do my LST exam.

    Regards, Jake.

  2. Sebastiano Diomede (verified owner)

    I started the course a bit worried ’cause my english isn’t good yet and a lot of mathematics, physics and medicine was waiting for me.
    Ian has been beside me every day 24/7 in summer time . Everytime I got difficulties he was there ready to support me.
    E-learning is a new and good way to get all infomations about the disciplines, you can study and practice when and where you want.
    Daily lactures are fantastic!!!! Ian is a very professionist, frendly Doctor!
    Thanks a lot for yours support!

    Regards, Sebastiano Diomede

  3. adam dennis (verified owner)

    The course material is absolutely excellent and I feel I gained a great knowledge about what it takes to become an ALST.
    The course teaches you how to prepare for the LST exam down the road, and what it will take to be successful. Ian’s first hand experience and background in Medicine and Hyperbarics provide you with an excellent resource for information.
    All the best, Adam

  4. Grant Campbell (verified owner)

    The E-learning is great format . As if you are needing to repeat any areas , you can . There is alot of information to digest , but the structure of the course work is clear and concise. Ian is really helpful and is there to contact during the learning process if you need him . Ian has a great passion and knowledge about the subjects covered . Highly recommended. Thanks

  5. Jasonbrownless (verified owner)

    This Course was great. Everything is explained really well with Ian, who is always there for support when needed. I found that with having more prep time on the run up to the course really helped me, as you can go back over the the pre recorded videos as many time as you want. Highly recommend 5* deserved.

  6. Armstrong Patrick (verified owner)

    This ALST online course is one of the organized online learning process that available at the moment. As you’ll be given pre recorded videos and be able to go back over it as many as you want. In addition, Ian being quickly responsive at answering all of my question as I got confused sometimes. Strongly recommend, if you want to pursue in Life Support Technician career!!!!

  7. Isaac Lim (verified owner)

    The course structure and learning materials given on the platform are absolutely easy to understand and well organised not forgetting to mentioned about how friendly and helpful is Ian during the period of the course as he responds to any matter you have in a matter of seconds. I eagerly urge those who wants to be an ALST to join this course as it really has all the materials in the platform to groom you into one of the best and knowledgeable ALST you can be before you enter the industry.

  8. malcolmgoh (verified owner)

    The training centre has all the study material well prepared. We have access to all the videos and study material online for repeated study. Ian has been the go-to man for any question and very knowledgeable in what he is doing. The most i like about the study material was the summarised booklet that packs all the informations you need (formulas, definition, and emergency response ) that you can put in your phone or tablet for a immediate reference any time you want. Highly recommended!

  9. Jordi Ruben Hernandez Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Really Good experience, Ian always be helpful and the course is really proactive, I never felt bored!!! Really recommend!!!

  10. Giacomo (verified owner)

    I recently completed the Assistant Life Support Supervisor Course online and had an excellent experience. Despite the virtual format, the instructor was incredibly helpful, promptly answering any questions and providing support throughout the course. The content was comprehensive, engaging, and delivered with clarity. I highly recommend this online ALST course.

  11. Pashang Yazadi Irani (verified owner)

    Excellent course Ian well conducted we had good understanding and knowledge about the course.
    Highly recommended.

  12. Kasandra Chauvin (verified owner)

    This course is fantastic with in depth knowledge of all aspects related to becoming an ALST. Ian Hughes does a fantastic job in sharing the key elements needed to be successful in this industry and explains it all very well.

    Highly recommend for those considering to do this course to give yourself 2 weeks prior to the start date to fully digest and complete the pre-course knowledge, so that you can be more successful in the week of your classroom zoom meeting and final exam.

  13. Nakul (verified owner)

    Hi all,
    I am Nakul from India. I did lot of research before selecting a training centre to do my ALST course.
    I found trauma training centre as best centre because it was 100℅ online which makes it very cost effective as you save lot of time and money which you would have otherwise spent on your hotel stay, visa, flights etc.
    This IMCA approved course is well designed and well explained by Mr Hughes. He will give you proper guidance as well as lot of confidence that you can do it.
    Quiz after each topic will make sure that your basics are solid. You will get your answers reviewed with explaination for all the questions once you submit and complete the quiz hence all your doubts are cleared. Apart from your Alst manual you will get complimentary manuals on diving procedures and legislation which are very useful. Your Alst certificates are instantly produced after clearing the final exam.
    The best part is after clearly ALST exam you will be sent 67lessons LST exam prep course which will prepare you for your LST exam in future. You can go through all the topics as many times you want.
    Mr. Ian Hughes is doing a great job.
    I am really thankful to him and Trauma training.

  14. Leejackson (verified owner)

    Ian i a total professional subject matter and has a vast amount of knowledge he is more than willing to share his personal experiences.
    The course prepares you as a ALST and tells you what is expected from you to give you the best possible start when you go offshore.
    I could not recommend this course highly enough.

  15. Mario Assam

    Thank you Ian ,words fail me at this time after just completing the rewrite of the ALST exam . Many thanks for your assistance and support throughout. Hope you have a worthy succesor to carry forward your vast knowledge of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine to the offshore Diving industry.

  16. Samson Mbina Irek

    Ian has been an inspiration , mentor , trainer and shows leadership qualities to me.
    He was patiently explaining all the processes and lessons and he swiftly responded and replied to all my questions, mails and requests.
    He help me through the entire course and got it.
    Thank you trauma training centre and thank you Ian

    Samson Irek

  17. Avaz Valilli (verified owner)

    Thank you, I learnt an enormous amount this week. Thanks for your patient approach. Overall, very interesting and useful – exercises consolidated the learning.
    Excellent course – very clear.

  18. Abraham Olokor

    The ALST course, I will recommend it, to all who have anything to do with offshore environment.
    The online presentation was a state of the art. The teaching, videos and clarity made me feel I was watching a 5D cinema, like I was inside a dive vessel. No matter your level of education and experience, there’s so much to learn.
    The support and encouragement from Ian was 100+% great, without which the mathematics would have been so frustrating for me, but he made it easy for me to scale through.
    Thank you to Ian and his team. They did an all round excellent job. I truly appreciate.

  19. Chokchai Thongthawee

    I have enrolled to the ALST course. The pre-record VDO/E-Learning is really great. The teacher and presentation is excellent and easy to understand. I recommend all to study online here.

  20. Saepul Ahyar

    tramua training helped me a lot in gaining knowledge about commercial diving, trauma training also has teachers who are reliable, kind and very friendly to everyone, the form of online training, as well as e-learning is a very smart step so that it allows me and everyone to learn things. which has been difficult to access because with the online program it becomes easy to access. I recommend you become a trauma training student

  21. Hamid

    Ian was an amazing instructor and did a great job making the days fly and keeping us all engaged. He was very helpful and patient!Overall experience was good. His Prompt answers to questions was really helped. Online videos and materials were really helpful through the exam .

  22. Shah Ahmed Faris

    Ian show us a lot about the ALST. I learned a lot from him. Ian is a good instructor the way he explained about the courses to use and everything.
    Thank you Ian

  23. Faiz (verified owner)

    Ian is super great. Thanks for all your contribution during the course. This online course was design superbly plus explanation and easy to understand.

  24. Viviana grutta (verified owner)

    the course was beautiful. Ian is a true professional in the industry and is clear in his explanations. I am happy to have been looked after in such an accurate and professional way. Even though English is my second language, I managed to follow the entire course perfectly. I’m happy to have done this journey. Thanks Ian. Soon

  25. Enrico Guidi (verified owner)

    I found the whole course very interesting and easy to follow even though English is not my mother tongue.
    Ian has been extremely patient and he’s able to teach in a very clear and effective way.
    I definitely recommend Trauma Training.

  26. Thomas Clancy (verified owner)

    Excellent knowledge from instructors, very well delivered. Makes it a breeze.

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