IMCA Diver Medic Technician (DMT) Course

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The Diver Medic Technician (DMT) course is an International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) approved certification that is recognised internationally by the commercial diving industry.

The DMT Certificate is valid for two years.

Who Can Attend ?

Anyone who has an approved IMCA qualification; IMCA-Briefing Note

An IMCA  Life Support qualification is also acceptable (ALST, LST or LSS).

Students must bear in mind that the E-Learning element MUST be completed before course commencement. Courses book up really fast.

Early booking is advised.

The 15% securing deposit is transferable to other course dates  if needed and is 100% refundable.  if you wish to cancel or change the date of  your course, this must be sought  more than 72hrs before  the  course date commencement. Deposit is not refundable if you complete more than 50% of the e-learning course content.


The Diver Medic Technician (DMT) course is an International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) approved program that is recognised internationally by the commercial diving industry.

What does this course include?

The course includes a First Aid at Work, Oxygen Administration and AED Operator Certificate

Subjects Covered
  • Advanced airway management and oxygen administration
  • Respiratory and cardiac arrest. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use
  • Wound management & wound closure techniques
  • Haemorrhage control including use of the CAT tourniquet
  • Care & transport of the critically ill
  • Diving incident management including triage
  • Chest decompression
  • Urethral catheterisation
  • Vascular access and intravenous infusion
  • Intraosseous infusion and management
  • Clinical analysis: venipuncture, blood glucose analysis and urinalysis

The Diver Medic Technician Course is a 60 hour program. The course is now blended learning, comprising of a pre-course e-learning package. The e-learning consists of pre-recorded lectures & quizzes. The actual attendance course is 5 days (run from Tuesday to Saturday), which are highly practical & scenario based.

TRAUMA-Training have now fully embraced the advantages of e-learning. The students will have access to a huge e-learning resource from the point of booking which will essentially include the entire course content. The content is also accessible after the course is completed, so keeping your skills refreshed has never been easier.

Where Is The Course Held:

The training centre is based in Benalmadena, Spain. We are only 15 minutes from Malaga international Airport. We have a fabulous location in Puerta Marina; minutes from the beach, vibrant bars , restaurants and we are surrounded by hotels and AirBnB options. The area has embraced social distancing, Andalusia has never been terribly affected by the pandemic, but the area is proving a safe holiday option, many students attend with their family.

Trauma Training DO NOT cancel booked courses because of low student numbers. You are allowed to cancel the course or change course dates upto 72hrs before course commencement. 
Once you have completed more than 40% of the e-learning you can no longer request the deposit return.



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29 reviews for IMCA Diver Medic Technician (DMT) Course

  1. Pablo Montoya (verified owner)

    Great hands on course, you get to practice multiple time to get familiar and most important comfortable with the skills.
    The entire crew is there to get you to a proper DMT level

  2. Darren Banner (verified owner)

    Great experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff, fantastic facilities and equipment. The course flowed well and easy to follow. Most realistic emergency scenarios and activities I’ve done in any course. Highly recommend.

  3. José Manuel González Toledo (verified owner)

    I am very grateful to all the staff at the center and to Mr. Ian for the support and help they gave me in the course taught as a DMT in June. The subject and the practices are very complete and the closest to a real situation.

  4. Gordan Crnogaca (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. I particularly enjoyed the bits of psychological research shared in the content.

  5. David McIntyre (verified owner)

    Great course and great location, the practical side of the training was more than I expected and good bunch of lads on the course too

  6. atanausu1 (verified owner)

    Great experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff. Perfect location! The most realistic emergency scenarios. Highly recommend.

    Thanks a millions, Ian and all staff!

  7. Romain GALZOT (verified owner)

    Great experience !
    The team is awesome and the course is very interesting
    The training center has all the commodities you need to become a good DMT
    You’ll act in very realistic simulation and use the whole DMAC15 kit so you’ll learn the best way to be confortable with your gears
    Will definitely do the refresh at Trauma Training

  8. Maksims Dudniks (verified owner)

    Great experience. The team of teachers provided information at the highest level. The practical part is very interesting, each scenario makes you nervous in a good way. I advise everyone, I’ll definitely come back for refresh.

  9. Benjamin Link (verified owner)

    I felt very welcome from the first moment.
    The staff was professional in every situation. I was impressed by the amount of experience shared. All in all a really good experience especially because of the very realistic scenarios.

    Thanks to Ian and the Team

  10. Steve Hall (verified owner)

    Great course , excellent location and facilities. Definitely the best DMT I have done. Thanks to Ian and all his staff

  11. Christopher Ramkissoon (verified owner)

    Great course, very hands on and the scenarios were excellent. All the staff were knowledgable, experienced and very helpful. The facility was well laid out and had all the necessary training material. The location in Spain was very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend this course.

  12. Alexander Memey (verified owner)

    This course was simply amazing. Everything was very well organized. Instructors were very helpful and willing to answer tons of questions. E-learning is well compiled, as well as the printed DMT manual. As for me, the rating is 6 out of 5. Looking forward for the refreshing course.

    A big thank you to Ian and The team.

  13. Sarantis Fragkos (verified owner)

    A very good course, not too long to get boring, not to short to miss stuff out, just perfect. The bibliography that is also provided is well written and very helpful. If you are interested a bit in medicine in general is amazingly interesting. I would recommend to have finished all the E-learning before the physical attend of the course, then it is like 5 days holidays in Spain. I will definitely do my refresher’s course here.

  14. lewiseast (verified owner)

    An excellent course. I had only heard good things from other divers choosing to do their DMT here, and it was as good as they said it would be. To have instructors with so much real world experience is invaluable. When nurses who work in intensive care units are teaching you how things are done, you listen!

  15. Andrew Morgan (verified owner)

    The course was conducted really well. The staff all had plenty of experience and were able to explain what seemed like a daunting amount of information from the beginning very clearly and in a concise format. This course was recommended to me and I would firmly recommend it to others.

  16. German Usero jorda (verified owner)

    It was a really instructed course, having you a really good anderstanding about how to act in a many diferent tipe of casualties. I really recomend .

  17. Jonathan Connor (verified owner)

    Best DMT course I have done so far, the online and in class lessons made it very time and cost effective.
    It is very much a “hands on” course and that is portrayed straight away when you arrive.
    Ian and his team of very knowledgeable intensive care personal provide real life stories from the vast experiences they have had and show how some things may differ in a real life scenario to the theory.
    I have really enjoyed this course and I look forward to coming back.

  18. Nicholas Lakeman (verified owner)

    Best course I have done in 20 years. Highly recommended!

  19. Robert Way (verified owner)

    Great practical course with great staff. Ian has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I will be back for sure!

    Robert Way

  20. Conor Hyde (verified owner)

    Great centre, bright and spacious, staff are highly qualified and passionate about teaching. Feel like I’ve learnt more and retained more information than previous courses because of the way this one is taught.
    Location is a ‘no-brainer,’ tapas and drinks on the beach in the evening – wouldn’t go anywhere else to do the course
    Highly recommended

  21. Philip Durdey (verified owner)

    I’ve been on many DMT courses at various venues, and found the course in Benalmadena with Ian Hughes much better than all the others out there. The combination of online learning beforehand and the practical sessions on site in Spain made it so much easier for me to take onboard all of the different skills and knowledge that’s needed to become a competent medic. Ian himself and his staff are passionate, knowledgeable and made learning a pleasure. All this thrown in with the fact that you can have a holiday as well due to the fantastic location made this a worthy investment. Cannot recommend enough.

  22. Juan Jose Calle Wille (verified owner)

    Great course, nothing better than learning from someone with real life experience. Very comfortable facilities in a beautifull location. Now I feel ready to deal with casualites. Thanks Trauma Training !

  23. Jordan redhead (verified owner)

    Had a great time on this course and learnt a lot !
    The knowledge and kind nature of the staff is incredible. Really enjoyed the practical scenarios which are well thought out and supplied .

  24. Harry

    Best course I’ve done for medical training, including military and civilian. Realistic and practical hands-on scenarios. Informative and engaging e-leaning. Ian and his team provide high quality training, and the administrative side is easy and helpful. Training facilities are well organised, modern and tidy. Would recommend without hesitation. Juanho, Jesus, Sara and Encarnie were amazing to learn from.

  25. Robert Ronnefalk (verified owner)

    This is the most complete course I ever attended! Ian has created it in a way that everything with it makes you a better DMT. Pure brilliance! Thanx!

  26. Kevin Hoelschi (verified owner)

    This was a great course, I enjoyed every minute of it. Ian has an incredible depth of experience and a trove of hilarious stories. All the RNs at the center were experienced and taught the subject well. The scenarios were really engaging and fun. Definitely would do other courses here!

  27. Julius Vlijter (verified owner)

    I have been trained at different centers, this has been the 3rd one. This one has been the best experience I Have had in medical training. E-learning saves you valuable time and allows for revisiting whatever is required. The way class is set up with different speakers keeps you engaged and focused. This is mixed with practical cases to practise what was learned. All in all, you get a better though shorter course, for less money, in the sunshine by seasoned professionals. For that and a few more reasons, anyone needing a DMT course would be wise to come here for it! Thank you again, Ian and all the supporting medical staff for a wonderful and educational time. I’ll be back in two years for sure…

  28. Frazer Mills (verified owner)

    Over the years I have attended plenty of medical courses. I would say that Ian and his team at Trauma Training delivered the best course I have attended. The online training allows flexibility and builds your knowledge, so buy the time you arrive for the practical aspect you are more relaxed and confident in your abilities. They have gone to great effort and expense to make the practical scenarios realistic, without using silly gimmicks or being over the top. The locations excellent as well, half of my course had either brought their partners or their whole family.
    I’ll definitely be back for the refresher!

  29. Alin Florin Lupu

    Great experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff . Perfect location ! The most realistic emergency scenarios .
    Thank you , Ian and all the supporting medical staff for the experience !

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