Diving First Aid Course (DMAC 11)


It is a requirement of all Inshore & Offshore Diving operations that all member of the dive team must (as a minimum) have a First Aid at work equvailant, Resuscitation and Oxygen Providers course.

This comprehensive twenty four hour course covers a wide range of first aid and diving emergencies. It is a blended E-Learning program (60:40 mix). The student will have access to the E-Learning program from the point of booking. The attendance program will be one full day that is clinical and scenario based.

It is designed for the Offshore or Inshore Comercial Diver who may work in multiple countries. This course complies with (and exceeds) all international Employer requirements.

The course contains and complies with all of the elements and guidelines contained in the :

  • Health and Safety Executives First Aid At Work. (HSE First Aid Regulations 1981).
  • European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021.
  • UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021.
  • Oxygen Provision Guidelines (DMAC 11).
  • First Aid Guidelines (DMAC 11).
  • Diving injuries First Aid Guidelines (IMCA D020).



24 Hours ~ 4 Days equivalent. Delivered by blended e-learning. Actual course attendance date is one day.


Upon booking the course the student will be enrolled on TRAUMA Trainings E-Learning program. This system has been used with great effectiveness our DMT & Supervisors courses. The student will work through the modules at their own speed before the course. The lessons comprise of pre-recorded presentations with quizzes. Its an excellent way to absorb theoretical information. The E-Learning has links to multiple pdf course manuals, books and relevant legislation documents.

The attendance course is one day (from 09:00-17:00). This will be highly practical with multiple scenarios. At the end of the day the student will sit a Multiple Choice Question exam.


The student will be assessed practically throughout the day by experienced instructors. The course is DMAC 11 Compliant. At the end of the day the student will sit a Multiple Choice Question exam.

Upon successful completion, delegates will be awarded:

  • Diving First Aid Certificate (Compliant with HSE First Aid Regulations 1981 / First Aid At Work).
  • Oxygen Providers Certificate. (Compliant with DMAC 11).
  • Automated External Defibrillator Provider Certificate (Compliant with UK & European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021).


This course is designed to deliver awareness and training to anyone who wishes to take the course. On this basis, there are no formal entry requirements. TRAUMA Trainings courses are taught in English however our instructors are multi-lingual.


Casualty Assessment & Management

  • Principles of First Aid
  • ATLS assessment: SAFE Approach, Primary & Secondary Survey
  • Manual Handling of Casualties
  • Major Incident Management
  • Casualty Stabilisation & Casualty Transfer
  • Incident Recording & Reporting. RIDDOR

First Aid

  • Basic Life Support (ERC & UKRC 2021 guidelines)
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED) (ERC & UKRC 2021 guidelines)
  • Adult Choking, Drowning, Asthma, Hyperventilation, Open Pneumothorax,
  • Hemorrhage control, Shock, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Fainting (Syncope), Burns, Electrical & Chemical injuries, Climatic Injuries,
  • Seizures, Diabetic Emergencies, Head Injuries, Stroke,
  • Spinal Injuries, Sprains, Strains, dislocations & fractures, Pelvic Fractures Management.
  • Poisoning, Eye Injuries, Abdominal Trauma, Nose bleeds.
  • Infection Control, Wound Management, COVID 19 Management, PPE Donning & Doffing, PCR Swabbing

Oxygen / Breathing Gas Provision

  • DMAC 11 Compliant
  • Airway Support, Suctioning, Oxygenetion & Ventilation.
  • Entonox Administration
  • Gas Handling (HSE / IMCA Guidelines)

Diving First Aid

  • DCI (DCS & Arterial Gas Embolisms), Recompression Therapy
  • Role of a Hyperbaric Tender.
  • Barotraumas, Gas Toxicity, Marine Envenemations & Marine Attack


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