Professional courses specialising in offshore, Marine & Diving

With over 10 years of experience, our dedicated training team strive to deliver the highest quality training in dedicated facilities.

Our courses utilise state of the art equipment in highly practical scenario-based training.

If you book a course, the course WILL run. We never cancel courses.

We also offer free transfer to different course dates if your work schedule shifts.

Evolving Courses

The last few years in Offshore education have been really dramatic. Trauma Training have pivoted to the effects of the pandemic and have developed student centred packages that have set the standard for the offshore industry. We now offer;


  • Its a great idea to keep updated with the changing nature of the offshore world. A great resource in the IMCA Information Notes system.
  • Travel to Spain is relatively easy. Essentially you need present a completed QR code on entry:
  • Normality is returning to Benalmadena. The beach, bars & restaurants are open again (in the new normal). So your course can now include a beach holiday.
  • Medical professionals bodies worldwide have recognised the importance of health care workers being fully vaccinated against COVID19. We are now at the point where being unvaccinated is a conscious decision. At TRAUMA Training we have now decided that Full COVID19 Vaccination is a DMT course attendance pre-requisite. DMAC-Statement-202110