IMCA Diver Medic Technician Refresher (DMT-R) Course

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A DMT refresher course for those who need their two-yearly refresher to maintain the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Diver Medic Technician (DMT) qualification. IMCA’s ‘5 month grace’ policy allows you to sit the DMTR three months before the expiry or two months after the expiry of your current DMT certificate.

The DMT Refresher course has 30 contact hours. With the current COVID19 pandemic, 16 of these hours will be conducted via pre-course e-learning before the clinical component. Actual class time will be 2 days and will be highly practically based.

All the e-learning is pre-recorded lessons / videos with interactive quizzes. It been proved popular. The student has access to the training platform & pdf manual downloads from the point of booking & can chip away at it in leisurely fashion. It is designed to have a low digital weight so may be viewed easily with the poor offshore internet.



Students must bear in mind that the E-Learning element MUST be completed before course commencement. Courses book up really fast.

Early booking is advised.

The 15% securing deposit is transferable to other course dates  if needed and is 100% refundable.  if you wish to cancel or change the date of  your course, this must be sought  more than 72hrs before  the  course date commencement. Deposit is not refundable if you complete more than 50% of the e-learning course content.



A refresher course for those who need their two-yearly refresher to maintain the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Diver Medic Technician (DMT) qualification.

The DMT Refresher course has 30 contact hours. 16 of these hours will be conducted via our tailor made pre-course e-learning platform. The actual class time will be 2 intensive days and is highly practical / scenario based at our site in Spain.

Where Is The Course Held:

The training centre is based in Benalmadena, Spain. We are only 15 minutes from Malaga international Airport. We have a fabulous location in Puerta Marina; minutes from the beach, vibrant bars , restaurants and we are surrounded by hotels and AirBnB options, many students attend with their family.


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56 reviews for IMCA Diver Medic Technician Refresher (DMT-R) Course

  1. Tomas Hladik (verified owner)

    This course is THE BEST out there. All the information provided are the core of basic divers knowledge.

  2. Adam Lownds (verified owner)

    Having sat this course with Ian and his team twice now I can honestly say you won’t find a better constructed, fine tuned and honed course anywhere else.
    Ian comes with a wealth of experience and is a true ambassador for the professional diving community. All staff are highly skilled, trained and current in their fields.
    The course contains realistic scenarios aimed at developing and gaining confidence in your skills learned/refreshed during the course.
    The equipment you will use is of the highest standard and all kit that you are supplied with is equipment found within your DMAC15 box ie you will get to know and familiarise yourself with the stuff you will be given if the worst should happen.
    If you want to actually learn some real usable skills and gain confidence having actually performed them then your money is best invested at Trauma Training!
    Thanks again Ian and team and looking forward to seeing you again in 2 years!

  3. Donald Campbell (verified owner)

    This course is the best , in my opinion , DMT/DMTR on the market. This is my 5th time doing it with Trauma Training , formerly LDC, and
    Ian and the team are not only extremely knowledgable and professional , but they are still very relevant. The nurses Ian uses are still working in A and E wards. Ian himself as course leader , really has done it all. The equipment is first class , scenarios are realistic and the facilities are modern. I personally really enjoy the e-learning side of the course , working at my own pace . This means much more hands on stuff when you get there. The full course is still available to you online inc videos, in your account , for you to access at anytime. Great as a wee refresher. Cheers again!

  4. Simon Lee (verified owner)

    Once again, After the 5th refresher course I am pleased to report the quality and depth of knowledge of the course hasn’t changed. What has changed is the addition of extra experienced staff and more e learning to provide flexibility for students. Well done again, see you in two years time!

  5. Jon Portelli (verified owner)

    The DMT refresher is always a pleasure to undertake, it does more than tick the boxes. Beyond refreshing hands on skills and knowledge, it levels up and enthuses a more invested and professional approach to the role of a DMT.

  6. Oliver Byrne (verified owner)

    Ian and his amazing staff have a huge wealth of knowledge that they openly share with you during the course, it is always good to refresh your skills and learn new things on the way. The venue is top notch, the kit is great. on other courses kit felt tired and old here time and money has been spent in the right way.

  7. Antonio Lastra García (verified owner)

    Thanks to Ian and all the staff at Trauma Training, once again 10 out of 10 on the DMTR. I wish all training centers taught the content like in Trauma Training, we would be much safer out there…

  8. Sean Ronan (verified owner)

    A thorough and complete course run by very professional and competent nurses and medics. There are certainly less intense and challenging courses and refreshers out there but this course for me was a great experience and hands on learning. It will definitely be my refresher of choice in the future.

  9. Sam Spalding (verified owner)

    Great course, even better location.
    Thanks to Ian and all his staff at Trauma Training.
    The E-learning really suited the schedule I had available for the course fitting it in between home/ work life.
    The practical side was great fun and backed up with Ian and his teams years of experience.
    Will definitely be back again next time around!

  10. des5943 (verified owner)

    Always a good course. Completed 2 refreshers here and both times it was delivered above and beyond what was expected.
    Good instructors & good practical skills learnt, practical scenarios in realistic settings (always a lot of blood).
    Location is outstanding also.

  11. Martin (verified owner)

    Good practical course run by Ian and his very friendly and competent staff. All done very efficiently and there is no standing around waiting for things to happen. Its realistic and relevant. The e-learning prior to the course is very helpful because it means less time away from home and much easier to fit into a busy schedule. The location is perfect and the school is situated 20mins from Malaga airport with loads of accommodation to choose from. All walking distance from the school. Highly recommended.

  12. Steve Koch (verified owner)

    Best DMT / DMT-R I’ve done so far. Not being a fan of e-learning I must admit that the combination of e-learning and presential time was a very good combination.
    Will surely recommend the course to all my friends .

  13. Angel Portero Ruiz (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly one of the best DMT courses I have done, not only because of the location, which is unbeatable, since while you do the course you can enjoy Malaga and the Costa del Sol.
    The course is very practical, dynamic and enjoyable. Don’t expect to sit in a classroom for hours listening to Ian, or his staff talk without stop while you’re drifting off to sleep. You do a lot of practics and different scenarios.

  14. Stuart Anderson (verified owner)

    My first time with Ian Hughes at Trauma Training, my first ‘blended e-learning’ course and it is definitely the future.

    Being able to digest the theoretical lectures at your leisure before attending the practical portion is highly conducive to the retention of knowledge that would so often be vaguely noticed through a low-oxygen, post lunch torpor in many other locations, and leaves the 2 remaining days of practical lectures to be very intensive and rewarding.

    All the staff were of unquestionable expertise and competence…there were no negative points I could think of…
    And being located in a Marina on the Costa Del Sol isn’t a bad marketing strategy, either…!
    I fully intend to do any further courses I might need here with Trauma Training.

  15. Gary dawson

    This is the best DMT you could do. Wish I had done all of mine years ago here.

    The prior on line learning is well organised and very interesting saves you time sitting in a classroom. The practical side of the course is action packed hands on providing up to date knowledge. Ian and the staff are very knowledgeable about diving medic training and helpful throughout the course.

    It is in a beautiful part of Spain easy access from the airport hotel is next door to course.

    If Carlesberg did D M T this would be it ……

  16. Steven Collins (verified owner)

    Great location and facilities, it was made enjoyable with the excellent teaching.

  17. William Crousse (verified owner)

    Great course, Great staff!!

    Highly recommend doing your dmt here not just for the setting which is in lovely sunny Spain, but the material and equipment is industry leading.

    Learning here was easy and teachers very approachable. Will always renew my dmt here from now on.

  18. Diogo Figueiredo (verified owner)

    I could say…the most important course that divers should take…amazing skills & knowledge training

  19. Wayne Foster (verified owner)

    Fantastic course. I was in 2 minds as I find the e learning boring but Ian made it enjoyable which is the first time I’ve said this about e learning. The 2 days in class was also really good and enjoyable so I wouldn’t be going anywhere in the future

  20. Simon Jarrold (verified owner)

    My first time doing a refresher with Ian, and I can say, I won’t be going anywhere else in the future. The online element of the course was brilliant, you can dip in and out of it as and when it suits you. Would be perfect for deco, then the 2 days practical was well balanced with theory and hands on. Fantastic course.
    Really good facilities and the location is amazing. I’ll be staying for longer next time, rather than just 3 nights.

    Highly recommended

  21. Gareth Jones (verified owner)

    Had heard a lot of good things about Trauma/Ian and the DMT-r offered from various friends and colleagues. My DMT was due to expire and the dates lined up perfectly so booked up. Ian’s concept with the e-learning being done in your own time is really beneficial as it minimises any downtime and subsequent time out of work/away from home.

    I would recommend the course alone based on this aspect however the practical knowledge taught and demonstrated is the real star. Ian and his team are obviously super experienced and knowledgeable and this comes through with the tuition delivered. All the scenarios are relatable and help you absorb the information well. It’s a really good setup with doing the exercises under a mocked up stressful situation as it’s much more realistic.

    All in thoroughly recommended and I will certainly be doing my next refresher with Ian and the Trauma Training team.

  22. Brad Falconer (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Trauma Trainings DMT/R. With Ian and his staff’s knowledge and experience on the subject of advanced trauma life support paired with a first class facility they are world leading.
    The e-learning tutorials are great as you can take them at your own pace and go back and rewatch at any point if need be.
    The location of the facility Benalmádena is not a bad spot either, close to the beach, pubs and restaurants with plenty of accommodation to suit all budgets.
    Trauma Training deliver an enjoyable value for money course.
    I’ll be returning for my next refresher

  23. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Really thorough course, and the e-learning allows for only two days in class room. All the staff are extremely experienced, knowledgable and welcoming. There’s even continual learning once you complete the course so you don’t have skills fade.

  24. João Raínho

    I have been doing my refresher with Ian for many years, since the time he was located in London. I previously did it in other centers and I have a background in emergency medicine and I can say for sure this is the best one that I have been.
    Ian knows his skills very well and has the field experienced as he can connect with the divers really well and knows how to explain things even when people struggle to understand.
    The facilities and the materials are top notch. The personnel are also very skilled and always helpful. They way that Ian structures the course make it very easy to learn and attend. I very high recommended it. Thanks Ian.

  25. Damian Zamaro (verified owner)

    Brilliant course! With each refresher I get to know more and more! Worth time and money. Also, in terms of location it’s more than perfect 👍 Enjoyed my time in Benalmadena and Malaga.

  26. Daniel Dames

    Attended the DMT-R course in Spain, absolutely blown away, location is ideal, the instructors are all super knowledgable and friendly…definitely will be the place I do my refreshers in the future.

  27. Andrew Rickey (verified owner)

    have been doing my refresher with Ian for many years, since the time he was in London
    Really enjoy the course. And the story’s
    Many thanks ANDY

  28. Sean Cann

    Course was EXCELLENT! Course Instruction was given on E-Learning which caught you up to date with everything medic oriented. Two Day refresher in MALAGA SPAIN… Awesome Place , Awesome Course! Highly Recommend any Course here! Medics was Great!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  29. DannyFinaughty (verified owner)

    Previously completed three DMT courses all with different providers.

    I can hand down say the Trauma Training has to be the very best, with exceptional knowledgeable lecturers and nurses with years of hands on experience in different medical fields.

    Certainly would not have any hesitation recommending them to anyone wanting great value for money, actually getting the hand on practice in very realistic and relevant scenarios

    Cheers Ian and the team at Trauma Training, see you on the next refresher.

  30. Michael Hartong (verified owner)

    I just succesfully completed my dmt refresher training.
    It was again a joy to take part. With very helpfull instructors, excellent facilities and really good set with the e-learning and practical training at the centre.

    Thanks Ian, I will come back for my next dmt refresher course

  31. Mattias Henriksson (verified owner)

    I have done my DMT refresher with Trauma training once again. Very good course and lots of good theoretical but also practical scenarios. Highly recommended training center perfectly located for a few days training in sunny Spain.

  32. James Masse Dowd

    By far the best DMT and DMTR training on the market today. This is my 6th time refreshing my DMT and wouldn’t do it anywhere else. Everything from current nurse instructors with up to date knowledge and practical skills to Ian’s large body of knowledge and field experience, really makes this training center unique. Ian has worked hard to create an extensive on line e-learning video tutorials program that
    I believe is one of the most practical type of train style for an offshore worker. I only wish that
    more training centers in our diving industry would adapted to this methodology that Trauma Training has produced .Thanks again to all the instructors and I will see you all in two years!

  33. Juan Manuel Cabeza Valdés (verified owner)

    Ian and his team are the excellence of diving related courses. My first choice by far over any other trainig centre.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  34. Roman

    This is the best DMT Course I know of. Ian is a well of knowledge, the nurses from Malaga Hospital are superb (and good looking;).
    You get lots of hands on practice and even after a refresher you will feel confident to be able to handle an accident scenario in real life should you ever need it.

  35. hans gluvers (verified owner)

    best refreshers ever, esp. combined with the E-learning system. 2 days full on practice makes it quick/learnfull instead of Boring. Love the final practical exam(s). Rumour has it imca wants 2 go back to the old syst., hopefully somebody will wake up there!!, why change a brilliant formula with excellent results. Always enjoy Ian’s lessons and his crew. refreshers 2019-2021-2023 (tueday/wednesday 19/20th dec) esp. in this format.

  36. Nuno Braz (verified owner)

    This is the best DMT Course out there.
    I have done my DMT-R with Ian sense he was based in London.
    This center is very well equipped, and we still do lots of scenarios on the 2 days course, all personnel is very knowledgeable.
    The E-Learning is a GREAT plus.

  37. Andrew Norquay (verified owner)

    Ian has incredible knowledge and clearly has a colossal amount of experience.
    Unlike any other courses you do a diver. This is one with great skills for life alone and not just specifically for work.
    Not to mention great location and right down by the marina in the sunny benalmadena. Even though I am local to Aberdeen and have the hyperbaric centre right next to me. This is the place to go hands down.
    The practicals are good fun and the nurses are great too. Particularly enjoyed the last practical. It was chaotic. But fun too.

  38. Fran Barba (verified owner)

    I have done my DMT course with Ian since he was based in London, except for a couple of courses with different trainings centres and honestly think this is one of best out there.
    Location and personnel is also a big plus so is highly recommended to everyone who is looking to do this course.

  39. Willem Scheepers (verified owner)

    Great DMT Refresher Course.

    There is no standing around , very well organized!!!

  40. Abdelrahman Mohamed (verified owner)

    This course is the best , in my opinion , DMTR on the market. This is my 8th time doing it.

    Ian and the team are not only extremely knowledgable and professional , but they are still very relevant. The nurses Ian uses are still working in A and E wards. Ian himself as course leader , really has done it all. The equipment is first class , scenarios are realistic and the facilities are modern. I personally really enjoy the e-learning side of the course , working at my own pace . This means much more hands on stuff when you get there. The full course is still available to you online inc videos, in your account , for you to access at anytime. Great as a wee refresher. Cheers again!

  41. Andy Foster (verified owner)

    A friendly welcome as usual from Ian and his team ,the course was run at a pace fast enough pace to keep this slow witted diver engaged and I’ve come away again feeling like I have picked up some new knowledge as well as topping up the old skills lurking somewhere in the grey matter .Cheers Ian see you next time

  42. Raymond Johnson Lucas (verified owner)

    La posibilidad de renovar cursos internacionales de máximo estándar en buceo profesional en España, está de la mano de Trauma-Training.
    Renovación del IMCA DMT ( buzo médico). Enfocándose en repaso de teoría y mucha carga práctica para reforzar todos los conocimientos más actuales en técnicas médicas para dar soporte avanzado a compañeros en caso de accidentes en el trabajo y más en situaciones remotas con el equipamiento de los maletines de material médico botiquines avanzados.
    El centro es además una manera de ampliar conocimientos con cursos como el IMCA ALST (técnico asistente soporte vital para trabajos de saturación).
    ¡Lo recomiendo, mejor manera de formación continua!

    Best way to renew IMCA DMT course in Spain. By the hand of Trauma-Training.
    They also have the IMCA ALST, and the IMCA trainee air diving supervisor course and the IMCA trainee bell diving supervisor course, as other formation options. Well located in Benalmádena port, near Malaga international airport. And must to continuous training!
    What make the great experience is a great staff !!
    Would recommend!

  43. Gordan Crnogaca (verified owner)

    Excellent course, including all the requirements items for the DMT. The personal was very kind and professional

  44. Dave R (verified owner)

    Excellent DMT-R course as usual put on by Ian and his Trauma Training team instructors/nurses. Great E-Learning platform and practical skills assessments, Highly recommended to all and you could incorporate this course into a great vacation in Sunny Spain as well.

  45. Frank (verified owner)

    Ian and his staff have loads of hands on experience and run an excellent course at Trauma Training. Efficiently run classroom sessions with the online training done at home combined with lots of practical skills sessions and scenarios at the professional run training facility. There’s a good vibe and they keep the course interesting . Will definitely be back. Highly recommended

  46. Grant Surtees (verified owner)

    Excellent DMT refresher, Best course the industry has to offer. Ian & the Team of A&E staff are relevant and up to date with information, Techniques and Scenarios. This is 5 times now with Ian and followed him from London to Spain. Great sunny venue.
    Top Tip Do your e-learning early. Will defiantly be back in two years. Thanks Guys……

  47. Akini McDonald (verified owner)

    I totally enjoy this course and being at this training centre, I’m a repeat student of Ian since his days at LDC. Establishing his own programme has been nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend to anyone in the industry or looking to enter the industry. I’ve also completed my Trainee Air & Bell Diving Supervisor and both courses were well run. Hats off to Trauma Training, A+++. Also the location in Spain is well set up and a great area to do your training!!! Start booking your courses and have a great time. Enjoy the wealth of experience shared by Ian

  48. Robert Clarke (verified owner)

    2nd time doing the dmtr here, as usual Ian and crew were first class and delivered the course very professionally. The facilities are great and you cant beat the location.
    Definitely be back. 6 stars

  49. Shaun Wright (verified owner)

    Great set up for DMT courses with Ian Hughes and his team at their Benalmedina centre .
    A very slick operation and if you have to do this course , I would highly recommend this company .
    Having attending courses previously in six different centres in the uk , myself and my diving colleagues continue to return time and again for our DMT refresher course at Trauma Training … and free sunshine is thrown in too ! ☀️

  50. matiasdaurat (verified owner)

    Choosing the DMTR at the Trauma training center is always an excellent choice.
    Ian is a high dedicated profesional that Will make sure that every single course is unique and follows high standars.
    Your best Choice out there for sure!

  51. VICTOR LOPEZ (verified owner)

    The course is great as always, I know Ian many years ago and is highly recommended, he keeps improving the facilities and materials, the nurses are very friendly and helpful, I am running my DMT in trauma training since is open and I am not planning to change.
    Trauma training is the best choice for your DMT.

  52. Robert Worton (verified owner)

    Can’t beat this course!
    I have been attending Ian’s courses for probably 14/16 years now. His knowledge is hands from working within the military and civilian health care.

    Lovely place to attend the course.

    He and his team are very professional.

  53. Fernando Vazquez (verified owner)

    Very professional teachers, in great facilities.
    The environment could not be better, with excellent connections to all places.
    I will definitely return to continue having my courses up to date.

  54. Joaquin cordero giles

    I have done the DMT course with Ian 3 times, imo is the best one out there. The e-learning method is really good and also the continual education package e-learning platform. Is the only centre that offers this.
    Also the location of the facility is really good under the sun of Málaga (Spain).
    Highly professional staff and very well organized.

  55. Angus Templeton (verified owner)

    Great course, this will be my 5th or 6th course with Ian and tbh, others don’t stand a chance. My congratulations to the team in total. The Spanish instructors are very clearly understood and is obvious they are experienced professionals of the sector. The lectures where interesting and light hearted at the same time. See you in two years time!

  56. Maksims Dudniks (verified owner)

    This is the second time I come to DMT courses in Malaga. Just like last time, everything is at the highest level! Very friendly staff, excellent presentation of information, informative scenarios. Definitely recommend!

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