IMCA Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor (TBDS) Course

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This intensive 24 hour course covers diving physics, diving physiology, leadership and chamber practice, dive bell procedures and legislation. The path to supervisor is covered in IMCA D013 Diving Supervisor and LST Certificate

What Does The TBDS E-Course Include?

E-Learning is IMCA’s preferred training method during the COVID19 Pandemic & TRAUMA Training e-learning courses are fully approved (IMCA-COVID Note).

  • This intensive 24 hour course covers diving physics, diving physiology, leadership and control, legislation and the duties of the Closed Bell diving supervisor (In U.K. & International sector).
  • From the point of booking, the student has access to a comprehensive pre-recorded e-learning lesson package. The lessons have helpful quizzes which guides you through the Physics, Anatomy, Legislation & procedures.
  • The course will run from Tuesday  to Friday and will consist of daily hour long ZOOM lectures hosted by a highly experienced Offshore Supervisor.
  • You will receive daily confirmation exams, which cover all the aspects of TADS program, the exams auto mark with instant feedback.
  • We will support you throughout the program & are able to identify areas of weakness to increase student specific support.
  • The Friday will consist of the final exam, this is conducted on the e-learning platform & monitored via zoom. The subjects include; Physics, Physiology, Diving Bell Practices, Chamber Practices & Legislation. You have 3hrs (you get an extra hr if English is your 2nd language).
  • With the new program, the student can elect to plough through the course at their own speed… over weeks (from the point of booking) or intensively over the course of the week.
TBDS Pre-Requisites For Course: 
  • Hold an IMCA recognised Closed Bell Diving Qualification (IMCA-Briefing Note)
  •  Have completed 400 closed bell lockout hours.
  • Hold an IMCA ADS certificate or completed the IMCA TADS course.
    • We offer a TADS fast-track course for guys needing both the TADS & TBDS Course. E-mail for information ([email protected])

Upon successfully passing the TBDS Exam, you will receive:

  • A free ALST qualification.
  • Free enrolment onto our IMCA BDS Prep course. This will give you continued access to our extensive e-learning database and greatly increase your success in the eventual IMCA BDS exam.

The Path to BDS (Bell Diving Supervisors)

To be appointed as a Bell Diving Supervisor you must;

  • Have been recommended by a company  in accordance with the IMCA guidance on competence assurance and assessment.
  • Acted as a Trainee Air Diving Supervisor on at least 10 offshore commercial air dives.
    • Note: it is possible to do the TADS and TBDS Courses simultaneously.
  • Logged at least 350 panel hours (under direct supervision) offshore on a minimum of 50 bell runs over a minimum period of 90 days working as a Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor.
  • Logged at least 360 panel hours at any time working either as an LST or ALST.
  • Passed the IMCA Air & Closed Bell Diving Supervisor examinations.
  • NOTE: Application to sit the IMCA examination must be made within 3 years of successful completion of the TBDS training course and at least half the required panel hours logged within the 2 years prior to the application. 

IMCA Policy on BDS EXAM Failure & Resits: IMCA-InformationNote-1438

31 reviews for IMCA Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor (TBDS) Course

  1. Rory Bell (verified owner)

    I recently completed my courses, I found the e learning format great, it allows flexibility.

    The modules are very well presented and informative and the Zoom meetings are hosted by a very experienced former Diving OCM.

    I now feel confident moving forward in my new career and preparing for my final IMCA exams.

  2. surender (verified owner)

    I have completed my course in the month of Apr 2022. The modules were so easy to understand and those made me confident for my finals. Doubt clearing zoom meetings were organised by well experienced instructor. Quiz were nicely prepared. All the way I enjoyed the course and would recommend my diving colleagues to under go courses in this centre

  3. John Osborne (verified owner)

    Just completed TADS/TBDS as @ 5 Aug. Found the medium of online learning quite new…and if honest, took me some getting used. Ultimately, you get the training and resources required to allow you to take development to the next stage.

    Many thanks to Ian and Norman


  4. simon nicholson (verified owner)

    The TADS and TBDS courses run by Trauma Training are very well constructed courses, the elearning is good and gives the flexibility to study when you want to. Ian is always on hand to answer questions via email or phone, and the zoom lectures given by Norman are very useful for talking through different working scenarios.

    All in all an excellent basis for progressing onto the job of trainee supervisor.

  5. Jeffrey Scott (verified owner)

    What a great course. The information is so clearly presented, with references to the IMCA and legislative documents in each lecture clearly labeled. Ian’s strong background in critical care/hyperbaric medicine and life support is able to give far deeper and clearer explanations of physiology, physics, gases, diving medicine than anybody else in the industry.

    The online system worked flawlessly and lets you study at any time anywhere with an internet connection.

    My only mistake was signing up for the course a few days before thinking it would be all day lectures.

    I wish I had signed up sooner as it is just a great resource and I would have had more time to absorb the info at my own pace.

    Thanks you to Trauma Training I know how much effort this must have taken!

  6. Stephen Orr (verified owner)

    Trauma Training provide a great course. Having taken the DMTR course with Ian several times over the years, it’s great to see the no nonsense approach to teaching transfers so well to the TBDS course. The online learning makes this course very convenient. Being able to access the lessons from the minute you book means you can chip away at it over several weeks. Ian’s vast experience in the areas of advance trauma life support makes for some interesting tutorials and Normans daily zoom meetings talking through real life scenarios are a valuable insight to any would be supervisors. Can’t recommend the Trauma Training team enough, appreciate all your help and guidance, guys.

  7. David Mackay (verified owner)

    Great course provided by the trauma training team,
    the online Tads and Tbds course’s are well presented on a easy to use platform that is accessible 24/7.
    I was able to work through the homework at my own pace going back and forth till the material was understood.
    Ian was always available for any questions I had and was very helpful with getting me a start date for my courses in between my work rotation,
    Norman’s zoom lectures where very insightful , informative and bases on actual incidents within the offshore diving industry.
    Thanks very much to all at Trauma Training.

  8. Johann Steyn (verified owner)

    Great response times and online e-learning platform – no pressure and can take time to research and completely understand the the subject at hand – was definite bonus to ba able to complete from home and not miss time with the family

  9. anthony garvey (verified owner)

    A well structured course allowing you to progress at your own speed with the advantage of great response times allowing you to review your work and progress.

    Ian was. always on hand if required, and Norman was a font of Knowledge.

    I would definitely recommend online training to those who haven’t yet tried it.

    Overall the experience was excellent.

  10. Paul Macleod (verified owner)

    Excellent training centre!!
    Attended my DMT-R at the centre itself, the staff are very enthusiastic and the equipment is Excellent!
    Since then I have completed both my TADS & TBDS online, I found this perfect, I was able to complete the modules and study at my own pace, Ian and Roger were extremely supportive and able to offer assistance anytime I had any questions.
    I would highly recommend and look forward to attending my DMT-R in the summer.

  11. Robert Cook (verified owner)

    Have just completed the TADS course while sitting on standby in port in Qatar. Ian was extremely helpful and made the sign up, course itself, and exam process all super easy.
    The course layout is very user friendly as well, and has downloads for all related IMCA/HSE/DMAC study materials so everything you need is at the click of your touchscreen. I am currently signed up to do my TBDS as well, so very satisfied customer/ student
    5/5 would recommend, saves you flights, time off work, food, hotel, and beer $!

  12. Adrian Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent course and online e-learning platform – Very nice to sit at home and do the course. You can take time to study and any questions that you may have is answered by very experienced personal.
    Great course

    Thank you for all.

  13. Christos Charalampopoulos (verified owner)

    High quality course. Everything was well organised and the staff was allways there to assist. The e-platform works quite well. I strongly recommend this course!

  14. federico marrone (verified owner)

    I was scheptic about e-learning as I never took a proper online course but this particular one was well organised even if english is not your mother language.
    Thank you

  15. [email protected] (verified owner)

    The E course was great. Very convenient to be able to do it from him at your own pace. Ian is a very Experienced Medic and Norm was an absolute pleasure for the zoom sessions.

  16. federico marrone (verified owner)

    brilliant course. Instructors are helpful and even if the course itself covers a massive area of things to know, they managedd to make it straight to the point.
    Thank you very much.

  17. Jim murphy (verified owner)

    Excellent course and had the pleasure of doing multiple courses with Ian. The e-learning is easy to follow and very flexible to do at our own pace. Ian’s knowledge is by far the best I’ve ever known in diving medicine and I know if I was ever unsure about something. He would be the guy to call. It was a pleasure seeing Norman again. Sharing his knowledge being in the diving industry for many years. From an excellent diver to supervisor and finally a very respected OCM. Excellent course would recommend to all and have done.


    Did ALST online course. I do not belong to saturation dive domain so initially was a bit worried about the developing of the course. Ian Hughes makes the lessons easy to follow and understand, so my fears dissapeared and had a very good experience during all the course. Highly recommended for those who want to know more about saturation diving.

  19. Angelo DeLuca (verified owner)

    Tough coarse! Exam questions are tricky . Ian Hughs is easily accessible for questions and Norman Scott has loads of offshore diving experience Great overall Satisfaction with this E learning experience! Be sure you study!

  20. Adrian Corrigall (verified owner)

    Sat the course previously at NHBC but allowed it to lapse. This online format was a huge improvement on classroom based. Requires more self discipline but ultimately you can control the volume of info you are taking on each time and dip out for further reading when you need it. In a class you just get everything dumped on you whether its going in or not. Ian is and has always been super helpful on all his courses. Highly recommend.

  21. Ruben

    Excellent course with lots of help.
    Great to study on your own time with acces to loads of information.
    Ian and Norman is super experienced and knowledgeable.
    I recommend anyone to do this coarse at Trauma-training.
    Thanks again.

  22. Matthew Griffiths

    I recently undertook the TADS and TBDS course, this was all online and totally flexible so you can work through it at your own pace. Which worked very well. The course was very well organised and broken up into small lectures which are all available 24/7. The online zoom meetings are very helpful and answer any questions or difficulties you may be having. An excellent set up!

  23. Ryan Backman

    I completed both TADS and TBDS through Trauma Training.
    Ian and Norman were both very professional and always available via email for questions.
    I enjoyed the flexibility of the online format, allowing me to work at my own pace and revisit lectures as needed. The easy layout of the reference material is great.
    Highly recommended.
    Thanks Ian and Norman.

  24. Rayner Ignatius

    Did the ADS online, an excellent format of e-learning. I enjoyed the course as much as doing realistic courses. With the e-learning I could access the information and training material accordingly to my matching time. An update of the course progress is as well excellent, an interactive updating. Highly recommend, Thank you Ian and Norman.


    I am delighted to express my sincere gratitude for invaluable experience and knowledge gained during my time of course. The online course provided comprehensive understanding .as you progresses , the more quiz and questionnaire is getting uploaded in your course, Ian is always available on emails.
    Thank you very much Ian and Norman for your experienced teaching skills.. Highly recommend.
    thank you Ian & Norman.

  26. Robert Boyd

    Just completed my TADS course and passed final exam – thanks to Ian and Norman!
    The e-learning modules are a great resource, bite-sized which allowed me to study in between shifts and on weather days, and the quizzes always help cement my understanding and good prep for the exams.
    During the course week, online zoom sessions with Norman”Bollox” Scott helped talk through scenarios and clear up any misconceptions 🙂
    Good preparation starting point, just need to get the hours and study hard for final ADS exam,

  27. hdiver76

    Excellent way to learn.
    Very professional, and the way they transmit the knowlege is very good.
    The daily homework helps a lot.
    Thank you Ian and Norman

  28. Marlin

    A really well put together package with responsive and helpful lectures. I am really glad I chose trauma training for my TADS certification. Highly recommended

  29. Juan Manuel Cabeza Valdés

    After a few DMT refreshers with Ian, I can honestly say the TADS course has exceeded my expectations. Ian and Norman make the course not only interesting but also fun. Without doubt, the best training centre and team.

  30. Chris Altman (verified owner)

    Ian and Norman present the course very professional. Excellent learning experience.

    Instant feedback was extremely helpful in seeing where I made mistakes, and what subjects I needed to study more.

    The quizzes and homework are definitely key, well put together-challenging. Good prep for the final exam.

  31. Dennis Johnston (verified owner)

    Awesome course. Had everything needed to learn the material and pass the course efficiently.

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