Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor (TBDS) Homework

Welcome to the E-Learning TBDS course Homework & Final Exams section.

We aim to make your journey to a Dive Bell Supervisor as easy as possible

Ultimately we wish to prepare you for your IMCA DBS exam once you have attended the requisite amount of panel hours.

legislation is an integral part of being a supervisor, we integrate all the legislation you require throughout the e-learning package, just click on the tab and a free pdf copy will be displayed (these are normally £25). Please pay particular attention to:

IMCA have published a study guide. The is VERY useful in preparation for the eventual DBS Exam: (click link); IMCA-Bell Supervisor Exam Information Note-1578  For all of these legislation documents, see the legislation section on the e-learning.)

The week of the course will consist of hour long video conferencing (generally held at 15:00 GMT) delivered by a highly experienced Offshore Supervisor. The e-learning package will be available from the point of booking. You can progress through it all on the week of the course or chew away through it before the actual course.
At 16:00 (GMT) on day 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the course, confirmation exams will become available on the course exam page, upon completion you will receive instant marking & question explanations.
On day 5 (Friday) the course final exam will become available from 09:00 (GMT).
Please complete each Homework section on a daily basis. This is great preparation for your final exam. You will be given feedback and marking when you submit your answers.