Diving First Aid Course

Welcome to the Diving First Aid Course at TRAUMA Training.

The e-learning package has been designed to aid your theoretical First Aid knowledge. The Modules underpin the practical skills that are vital to become an effective first aider.

The e-learning package has been designed as a safe way to attain the theoretical knowledge during the pandemic event.

All elements of the E-Learning must be completed before you attend the practical course.

The course Confirmation MCQ’s & the Final exam will appear as your course progresses all exams will be automatically marked & delivered to you with feedback immediately.

The course manual will be repeatedly referenced throughout the program. You will be given hard copies of these on the course. Quick pdf links will be provided throughout the e-learning lessons.

Enjoy the course.

CitizenAID App
The CitizenAID app has been extensively updated. If you have not got this app please download.
It is 100% FREE (no adverts or ‘upgrades’).
It was developed by Brig Tim Hodgett (RAMC).
Its a must for any First Responder / Medic: www.citizenaid.org/ourapp


First Aid