Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) Course Final Exams

Welcome to the Assistant Life Support Technician course EXAM.

The exam will cover the key elements of your course.
  • Physics
  • Gas Mixing
  • Physiology
  • Chamber Procedures
  • Legislation
We  suggest you begin with Physics & Physiology.
The exam is marked on an average. The overall pass mark 75%.
The exam is monitored via zoom. We will have our cameras & mics off. You just need your camera on & mic off. If you need my attention during the exam, send a direct message via zoom.
The IMCA exam policy is:
You are allowed paper for workings out, you are allowed a non scientific camera and you are not allowed formulas or books. This is strictly monitored when you actually attend an IMCA facility for your LST / BCS / CBS exams. 
Please attend on time, I cannot release the exams until all students are present.
You are allowed 3 hours. You are given an extra hour (so 4 hrs) if English is your second language.
Please answer all questions. Complete one section at a time & then press SUBMIT.
 DO NOT refresh the page midway through the exam.. ALL ANSWERS WILL BE LOST.

We wish you the best of luck with the exam.